i have broken your heart too many times.

Jesus shat! It's been more than a week since the last post!

My goal, I s'pose, is to 'average' maybe two posts a week; maybe one that's more aimed at political analysis, and one that's either cultural/creative/omg-wtf in context. How's that sound? Post a comment.
Just so you know, I'm not actually a spazz, no matter how some of these mini-essays come out. I'm basically shooting my mouth off, having fun, sometimes trying for a bill hicks kinda monologue. (RIP, bill! Sweet shit, we miss you some days! example: November 2nd, 2004)
The political posts are not as formal in style as they could be. And there are very few footnotes or links.
Does that suit you? Post a comment.
How about pictures? Do you like pictures? My roomate's got one of our cats in a heap, and "Neon" (see earlier post) looking like she's laughing. It's frickin' awesome. So Post a comment.
Actually there's no way in hell that i'm posting pictures of cute cats. That shit's ultraweak. Sorry.
Link to it? Yeah, maybe I can link to it. But it'll be a secret.
I'm thinking of joining the group here. I don't know how to convert these posts to RSS. I have only the vaguest idea what RSS is for. I don't have a cellphone. RSS has something to do with cellphones, right? Tell me how. Post a comment.
How about colours? Do you like the colours? Post a chili.
New links? Want me to link to yours? Toast a capitalist.
If you're wondering what I've been doing with myself, read this. Then wander through here. Then check him out.
Of course, it's not all work. Played one of these today.
Mmm... looks even better in black. Take my word for it.
Musical shit is one of the last avenues of my life where the Consumer in me gets excited. Musicians are a strange bunch. There's nothing more subjective than a 'sound.' So why do people buy $3000 guitars? Are they fooling themselves? Is there a sound on fucking earth that ought to cost $3000?
Look, yeah, there's a very tangible difference between an instrument that costs $100 in a pawn shop, and an instrument that costs $400. And another difference between the range of $400 to $800. After that, shit, people should just quit. If you haven't found that 'sound' you're looking for, just quit and buy Pro-Tools and a Mac.
I, however, have found my sound. It's in
here. $850. sigh.
psst... You know who played one? Henry Bogdan from Helmet. It's true. I read it on the Internets.


At 6:44 p.m., Blogger Robert said...

two posts a week seems kinda ambitious...that can begin to seem like homework or something...good luck with it...one has to have goals, right?

if u send an email off to rabble@protest.net, he shld be able to get ya on anarchoblogs...i dont have a clue what RSS is, and he put me on, so...

footnotes on a blog? too termpapery...links are ok in my opinion

i had no idea you played bass...wow

Helmet...saw em live at the old Apocalypse Club with the Melvins and the Jesus Lizard back when bands actually dared to rawk...and they did...hard...then they got it into their heads that they are artists and began to really go downhill...dropping names like Stockhausen and Coltrane in interviews is the sign that a band's next disc will stink...banjos?..c'mon

but yeah after Born Annoying it seemed that guitar rawk may actuall mean something again...for a few weeks anyway...

At 5:39 p.m., Blogger eric said...

hey rob... interesting you mention that.
I assume you're talking about 'In the Meantime' vs. 'Betty'... I actually prefer 'Betty'. I've never met anyone who shares this opinion. I dunno, maybe it's nostalgia... I picked up 'Betty' in a used CD store completely on whim... and got completely shown up when I threw that flower-encrusted disc into the machine. whoa...
by the by, I think someone mentioned you play gee-tah. That true?
And thanks for the info, I'll email him right away. I thought I was going to be spending my Monday learning RSS or something.

At 2:13 p.m., Blogger Robert said...

i was actually more referring to Strap It On vs. both In the Meantime and Betty...you are indeed the fisrt person ive met who prefers Betty...weird

i used to play guitar...havent touched one in a few years for more than a few seconds...still have fantasies about being the Ex, though :)


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