hodge podge II.

Things I am waiting for: ISIS's new album, which they are basing on Foucault's book "Discipline and Punish." READ THIS FUCKING BOOK. Have you ever heard of the PANOPTICON?!

I read this book while postering as my only means of income.
I would work for two hours, shack up in a COFFEE TIME, and read about ten pages on company time.
Then work another two hours.
If you are desiring a synopsis, well, that might be forthcoming.
But not right now.
I'm kinda drunk.

UPDATE: Cats like yogurt.
I know because a cat just ate yogurt from my bowl.

ALSO: One of my Korean roomates moved out, and insisted I went to a club called Tonic.
I was wearing a black bandana. (it's anarchist)
Apparently it's also a gangsta symbol.
These other guys were pointing and glaring.
They were paper gangstas; fuck 'em.
The security guy at the door made me take it off.
Also: I was searched thoroughly.
They confiscated a pocket knife.
Because I might be a.... CRIP? BLOOD? I have no idea.
I'm not comfortable in clubs like this.
All the bartenders have huge tits.
So to be contrarian I don't tip.
I'm looking for personality in my bartenders. I think.
Also: Fuck you cat, I'm eating the rest of my yogurt.
I'm not very coherent right now.
To those that know me: I'm proposing an electoral-count drinking session on November 2nd.
We might have to throw out our old Voodoo dolls if Kerry wins.
Yecchhh.... this yogurt tastes like cat food. Oh well, nobody said revolution would taste good.
Also: Christie; you might like this.
I downloaded some tracks from the the arcade fire's new album.
I was digging a song called "the crown of love."
Suddenly: Disco!!
I threw my headphones across the room. (don't worry, they are Punk headphones. The enjoy the abuse.)
It's like, your friend cooks a dish that you enjoy. (and pretend you're vegan.)
And then tells you that it contains dog meat as its main ingredient. "See! You like meat! Now stop this vegan nonsense!"
And you spit that stew across the room!!
Very impactful! Yeah!
Fuck you, arcade fire! You almost had me there!
Also.... if you ever thought I was a music snob......
I used to like these guys.
If you think it's stupid to start not liking a band because of a picture, let me explain.....
First, look at the picture!!!
Then, realize: these guys, Minus, put out a beautiful, great metalcore album called Jesus Christ Bobby.
Sheer genius. It got me through a summer of housepainting.
Then, they abandoned hardcore a la Cave In. Except Cave In made good albums after they left Hardcore for Rock. Minus did not.
From the picture, I assume they did a lot of cocaine and started enjoying hair metal. That's one fence I just can't jump. Sorry Minus.
OK, that's all.


At 8:45 a.m., Blogger christie. said...

yur tarded.

i thought better of you -
how can you confuse
a song that features a standard and often-used rhythm
as a solid and interesting backing track
with an entire genre of music?

there's no disco on the arcade fire,
it's more post-rock than anything.

BUT even if there was disco,
what would be wrong with that?

disco was an underappreciated subculture
that meant a lot of gays and latinos.

take that, brauer.

At 3:45 p.m., Blogger eric said...

ha! ha! yessss... abuse!
it's just like old times.

and i can see that your cultural studies degree has served you well.

yep, surely DorkU has shaped you into a savvy and learned specimen.

soon you will be a professional.

if you come back next friday, maybe i can pay you in leftover hallowe'en candy. :P


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