just think of me as santa pope.

Thanks, Mike, for the heads-up. Those of you without technology-assisted navel-gazing machines will now be capable of posting comments. I don't know if this is an issue or not. I'm not going to get a hitcounter because I don't want to start fretting about ratings. Ignorance is bliss, I hope.
Initial support has been really cool. Thank you. Now:
I know people who enjoy William S. Burroughs. I found this on disinformation like, years ago. Here it is again. It's Billy-Boy talking about how to launch a successful revolution. As with much of his writing, I have no idea how serious he's being. He did a lot of drugs, after all. Or maybe he's being tongue-in-cheek? What will it take for someone to explain this guy to me. Just read it as I do, unscrewed literature.
Oh, and an article, also from disinfo, that pertains to the post below. This is some freaky shit, maaaan.
Reality is a Shared Hallucination. Indeed.


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