hee hee.

It's funny who you meet when you look in your own profile, then click on the name of one of your favorite bands.
To Whit: hi ariane.
Do you like Boys? and Punk Boys? and Talking on the Phone and Being Angry and Screaming/Yelling?
I think I'm going to click on that link. I'm gonna do it. Here goes:
okay, honestly I'm not trying to be mean to 12-year-old girl. The internet is interesting. The furthest point and the nearest point to 'where you are' are always just one link away. It's heady, it's disorienting, it's something to do. Never mind; you are never 'where you are'; you are utterly without location. Interesting, huh?
This is not a 'real' post. I'm sorry I have no time. This is a quickie.
Tragedy and His Hero Is Gone are the same band.
I did not know that. Huh. So then I went to Rotate This. (it's a T.O. thing)
Now I get to see Isis soon.
And drink at the bovine.
Where's all my time? I haven't written in awhile.
I got enough sleep for the first time in god.... five years.
Felt strange.


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