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Unfortunately for Americans, we have come to equate fascism with its symptoms, not with its structure. The structure of fascism is corporatism, or the corporate state. The structure of fascism is the union, marriage, merger or fusion of corporate economic power with governmental power. Failing to understand fascism, as the consolidation of corporate economic and governmental power in the hands of a few, is to completely misunderstand what fascism is. It is the consolidation of this power that produces the demagogues and regimes we understand as fascist ones.

As always, I have no idea whether or not I'm just dredging up the obvious. Ah well.
Also, this...
Q: Do you suffer from media leaks? Evidence of prisoner abuse can be embarassing, and can even ruin your favorite shirt! But there is a solution... a
final solution! Stop taking prisoners.
Who the fuck is the army hiring to do PR?
"We are always adapting to the changes in the environment and our commanders, our soldiers, are also trying to be more sensitive to the Afghan culture," Cheek said. ''I've told our commanders, for example, to minimize the number of Afghan nationals or others that they detain."
I see. Cause it sounds like you were talking about just shooting 'em all. And leaving them in mass graves. Yeah. Ha! Sorry, man. Cause you see, the headline says... boy is my face red! Well!
What could have given me that idea?


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