alive with culture?!?

Ok. A manifesto is outta my system. Just dabbled in storytelling.
Let's talk music.
Current fixations:
Botch; again, still. Downloaded their farewell EP; trying to decide which album I'm going to [buy/have bought for me 4 xmas] first.
I believe my love for this band has been established. Very well.
Also, specifically, a cover they did of O Fortuna. Now, you know this song even if you don't think you do. Imagine a movie trailer on tv. There is action. There is a dude. On a horse. Running in slow-motion. What is the opera music blasting out, inspiring excitement? That. Is O Fortuna. If you are still confused, dude, just plug it into your nearest file-sharing program. You'll get it.
Yes. Botch, a screamy hard-core band, covered this fucking song. It's great. By which, I mean hilarious. You gotta hear a young man screaming in Latin. It is tops.
So this is my request to the world at large. Next time somebody makes a protest movie w/ cops and protestors, and there is footage of somebody charging at anything, please put this song in your fucking movie.
Wrangler Brutes! I've only heard one song, but it is mighty tempting. And who are the Wrangler Brutes? You are asking this to your screen. I shall divulge. It is the band comprised of Sam McPhuckingPheeters of... Born Again$t. Also comprised of... many talented musicians.
Born Again$t! Plug that also into the file-sharing contraption of your choice.
Now a case of the heeby-jeebies.
This was Sam when he was 19. The year: 1989. This is him now. There on the left: the old guy. Do the math. Sam McPheeters aged fifty years in less than two decades. Chilling. This must be what happens to musicians. Also: I don't think you can blame Jack Daniels or anything 'cos Sam was straightedge. Probly still is.
Jello Biafra got fat. The first time I saw him speak, somebody yelled "Show us your tits!" And he did. In his own words, as he jiggled in own boob: "that must be a 45A right there." Again: chilling.
Converge is on the cover of exclaim!. No, I'm not that much of a fanboy. The exclamation point is part of their name. Anyhoo: hooray!
Breather Resist. Sounds great. Must pinch pennies.
Brian Wilson re-issued some album of his. This would make an ideal classy gift for parental units. Accesible, and yet indicative of sophisticated taste.
Don't steal my idea, sister dear. And don't tell them about this site.


At 2:18 p.m., Blogger Robert said...

mental note: finally check out Converge OR go to Eric's house sometime :)

At 5:12 p.m., Blogger eric said...

funny you should mention that, rob...
there are rumblings afoot that there will be social festivities occurring around the 21st of december. that might end up happening at my house; i'm not sure yet. and if you're interested in seeing converge, well, so am i. they came to toronto 2 years ago, but the closest they got on this tour was montreal. there's some live footage of them at www.pheer.com... although the audio tends to be a bit muddy. (it's basically just a dude with a camcorder that tapes bands on his own time.)

At 4:21 p.m., Anonymous J.O'T said...

Please don't tell me you actually believe that the W.B. "band photo" is of Sam and company!?

Sam looks about the same as when we were in high-school, but like me, more MACHO!

The vocalist from Life's Blood two decades and half an MBA later...


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