I thought this was good.

Gee, now that the blog has become the default form for most info on the web, what with comment boxes and Digg buttons everywhere, I have new ways of getting myself enraged. For example, I know all I have to do is find an article or opinion piece on Iraq, scroll down to read messages, and there'll be some meathead there spouting the same old crap. I really think somebody is paying these guys.

But wait-

All I want to do is ask how in the hell they expect to be forgiven. But for what? Obviously they're not the ones fighting. They pay taxes, yes. Most Americans do. And what's clear is that public opinion does not matter to those in power. Even overwhelming opposition causes them no obstacles, because Americans are beset by ideas of futility.

Why get angry at someone who's powerless?

They have emotionally attached themselves to the destiny of a murderous occupation. That is a psychological construct, it isn't real. They overcome the truth of their powerlessness this way. Powerlessness is indeed a sickening feeling.

more later, I'm late for work...!


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