exhibit A.

Now, I don't remember seeing goofy pictures like these in the newspaper when the Olympics are on. And yet: goofy faces. Crotch. It's immature to be amused by these. Or is it?

Humanity loves ourselves, and we love the myth of beauty through physical prowess. And it's pretty impressive to drive to drive your meat through the air half an inch higher than anyone else ever. And the natural result of this: funny exertion faces. I'd like to see funny exertion faces sculpted onto all the Greek porno sculptures in all the porno museums.

It stands to reason that pictures with funny exertion faces and crotch contact are censored from newspapers and magazines. Such a trivial thing, isn't it? But it makes all the difference in the world. We're still in love with beauty myths. Editors will say it's to maintain the dignity of 'our brave atheletes.' Dignity is one thing we can't afford anymore.


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