i suppose it was inevitable...

The Earth Liberation Front (ELF) has claimed responsibility for three major arsons in the town of Guelph over the past two months and is suspected of sabotaging equipment at five construction sites in nearby Brantford during this past week alone.

If you've ever taken the greyhound to Guelph, you will notice that the so-called 'gated communities' have been gobbling up space at a prodigious rate. The city has literally been creeping south every year. It has never failed to stir bitterness in me, every time I see billboards with foxes on them, proclaiming 'heritage living', poised high over the churned mud and garbage. Guelph is also pretty unique, in that it has a viable urban core (unlike Hamilton, say) and a pretty vibrant community. Plenty of dedicated activists and good friends, suurounded by urban sprawl of the worst kind. Guelph kept Wal-mart out of city limits for over twelve years. That battle was just recently lost. And so direct action was probably inevitable.
I dearly hope whoever was responsible for the arsons is exercising every possible precaution against getting caught. Interesting times for a smallish town...


At 12:57 p.m., Anonymous Mike said...

Hey, Hamilton's nice.

Hm? Oh. Viable. No. Hell, no.


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