i swears, that i gots some more smarts somewhere inside me, or something. instead, i revel ya'll with more music talkin.'
one of the first few posts in this blog was about Isis, and how they came to my town to play the musics that we all enjoy. on that bill was mare.
Isis came back tonight, and so did mare.
I disremember if i have paid mare any dues. The first time I saw them, i wasn't into it. Since then, i have warmed up much to their brand of jazz-doom. (THAT'S RIGHT! I SAID IT! JAZZ DOOM!!!) I got to interact with the singer/guitarist.
says me: "do you have this shirt in medium?"
says he: "nope. just large and x-tra large."
does me: quietly seethes.
Keep in mind, the dude is smaller than me, and large shirts fit me like a hospital gown. What in the hell? punker kids are usually pretty small-boned.
dammit. now i'm gonna be shirtless this summer.
Also, i learned a very good tip whence i stared at the contents of his back-pocket.
Toothbrush and toothpaste! in his back-pocket! That's a good idea; really, it's all you need. If I'm ever touring, check out the contents of my back pocket.

Isis were awesome. Moreso than the last time they were here. Apparently Jesu were supposed to be on this bill. That would have been the greatest. (Jesu is a new project by the guy behind Almighty Godflesh) Jesu is some of the best stuff that Justin Broaderick has ever done, in my opinion.


At 1:30 a.m., Blogger eric said...




anyone want to comment of that?

At 2:15 a.m., Blogger Robert said...

well, without ever hearing this band Mare, i think Neurosis started to lay down the blue-print for jazz-doom on their first album...the one that sounds like King Crimson meets Black Flag, not the more metal stuff of later years

then they veered away...and that was good...but it left a void...and apparently Mare has filled it...and that is a good thing


but i just cant believe i missed Isis


iam sooo outta the loop...i gotta get back on it to some extent...im too old to care THAT much, but i do

At 2:21 p.m., Blogger eric said...

great... another band i've never heard before. rob, i will trade you jesu for neurosis if you've got any kicking around. Good thing we like stuff on indie labels, cause the RIAA would hate me right now.


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