and now for something completely different.

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alright, alright... something about cats and blogging.
This is Nayong.
All I did was fill the eyes in with black to get rid of the green eyes caused by the camera flash.


At 5:16 a.m., Blogger Robert said...

member how i wanted to marry you and stuff?

ok, well snuff that...yeah, im stringent but hey...

funny how me and the missus wuz having a great fight about zines and stuff until she pointed out how it all degenerated into peeps tawking about their cats and their laundry, then it was kaput

have we hit kaput already? (blogs i mean}

or is this just intimacy?

At 11:08 p.m., Blogger eric said...

well, there's still a lot zines out there.
i guess we suffer from a real glut of culture... and not enough stories.
the problem with indie culture is that artistic expression, for some, is a means to an end. The end is fitting in or 'being an artist' or a stab at self-actualization... Dog knows that most any other form of labour is lacking in the potential for self-actualization. Point is, the ends of the artist are sometimes not in the art or message itself.
I'm still trying to figure out on which side of the equation i am on half the time.
As for today, the cat picture got the nod because it is filler. i'm damn busy these days so quality control suffers.
Thank you! Come again! (ding)


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