yet more bullshit.

school is not over yet.
listen: i wanted to talk about other musical bands, but Fucked Up has a following here at pleasure.spot.central. At least... people other than me know about them, so that's cool and i'm excited and all that.

They now have a website, which is actually a blog.
A couple surprises.
Fucked Up has always (apparently) been a band full of music collectors; hence, for a long time all their music was on vinyl singles. They've got three tracks online (available for downloading, if you can find the linx!) which are from a rare vinyl. Apparently some people were paying $50+ for this album on ebay. You get it for free because you will visit the website and find those linx.
On the website is a very intricate explanation of the lyrics for the song which is sung. Very informative, and very interesting, all the attention to detail and metaphor that they've invested in this song.
The song itself I can only describe as prog punk-rock.
Actually, that's bullshit. But it's in two parts, and like twelve minutes long. and it has an essay explaining its meaning. That's kind of proggy, inn'nt it?
The first track is pretty wicked.
The second track, I can only recommend if you love drum solos, or whistling?!?!
The third track... oh my shit..!
y'know when you hear a song, and then rewind, cause you have to hear it again/again?! That has happened here. Wonderful. A kickass piece of songwriting. Song's called Fate of Fates.
All the best punk songs are about mortality. This is why teenagers love punk, but kind of suck at playing it. (Yeah! You heard me... damn kids) Punk/hardcore arose from the intersection of contradictions. The dominance of Reaganite capitalism's utopian promise vs. its reality, bereft of alternatives... the self-important messianism of white priviledged adolescence crashing against the bleak realities of urban poverty. Witness the pretentious nihilistic suicidalism(sic?!?) of Darby Crash and Sid Vicious, taken to its logical extreme, transforming over time into the slow realization that we are all dying with the lofty promises of capitalism and Enlightenment unfulfilled. Taking it back to the 'decline of Western civilization', (check your video store kiddies): "The air in paradise is poison... the final joke." (i am immensely paraphrasing). I don't know if that makes us gullible... probably. Only now is Western culture dealing with this disappointment. If it can pull itself out of its present lazy nihilist irony-hole, well, we'll find out.
I guess what I'm saying is this: if you are going to play punk, you better be hungry.
Bottom line: I really like the fucking song. Now if you will excuse me, I have to let the cats in.
(Also check out Career Suicide and download all their songs and listen to them and generally rock out in the comfort of your home.)


At 1:44 p.m., Blogger Robert said...

eric, see my blog real quick for a drinking invite

sorry to use your comments box as an email addy or phone number

At 1:47 p.m., Blogger Robert said...

oh yeah, if u can make it, bring chunes!!!

At 8:50 p.m., Blogger eric said...

noted, rob. this essay i'm working on is giving me headaches... i don't know if i should, but i probably will be there.
what's the event?


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